Last 2010 Announcement

December 29, 2010

This blog will be on INDEFINITE HIATUS for now, actually, it’s been awhile now.. sorry. 😦

TMaxlove doesn’t have enough manpower to be able to maintain this blog, the forum & our twitter account. Since most (the forum is not also that updated though) of the updates are posted on the forum, I decided to put this blog in hiatus.

Mighty Max can get T-Max updates from our Twitter account  – http://twitter.com/tmaxlove & from our forum – http://tmaxlove.com.

Thank you for supporting this blog. This blog will still be viewable in public but contents won’t get updated anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please keep on supporting our 5 awesome guys – MinChul, Kim Joon, YunHwa, HanBi & ChanYang (yes! they all do have twitter accounts).

Join us at the forum, Mighty Max can spazz about them there so..  see you there ^_^

Have a prosperous 2011 everyone!!! ^_^

in behalf of the other TMaxlove wordpress admins – Hermione & Luna.. this has been Eyz, signing off~


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