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Last 2010 Announcement

December 29, 2010

This blog will be on INDEFINITE HIATUS for now, actually, it’s been awhile now.. sorry. 😦

TMaxlove doesn’t have enough manpower to be able to maintain this blog, the forum & our twitter account. Since most (the forum is not also that updated though) of the updates are posted on the forum, I decided to put this blog in hiatus.

Mighty Max can get T-Max updates from our Twitter account  – & from our forum –

Thank you for supporting this blog. This blog will still be viewable in public but contents won’t get updated anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please keep on supporting our 5 awesome guys – MinChul, Kim Joon, YunHwa, HanBi & ChanYang (yes! they all do have twitter accounts).

Join us at the forum, Mighty Max can spazz about them there so..  see you there ^_^

Have a prosperous 2011 everyone!!! ^_^

in behalf of the other TMaxlove wordpress admins – Hermione & Luna.. this has been Eyz, signing off~


Channie’s day~

October 23, 2010


We, Mighty Max, will be here supporting you and T-Max, no matter what. xD

Take care~

Mighty Max, please join us tonight – we’ll trend #wishesJCY at 9PM KST..
see yah~


Don’t Be Rude Dance Step

August 1, 2010

It’s HanBi-Day!

June 3, 2010


[Anncmt] Mighty Max if you have twitter..

May 28, 2010


[Anncmt] T-Maxlove International Forum

May 26, 2010

Hey fellow Mighty Max we now have our own domain for our forum..


Joo Chan Yang on Twitter

May 26, 2010

Mighty Max if you have twitter please follow Chan Yang!

Chan Yang’s Twitter