T-Max (티맥스) Profile


T-MAX is made from ‘Triple, Trinity’ and such which contains 3 meaning in the word’s first alphabet T. And will present the energy and talent till MAX form phrase ‘3 perfect group and their dominance ‘ that’s forms the team.

To be able to present R&B, Rock’s charming singing by Shin Min Chul, possessing the special neutral vocal from Park Yun Hwa and have Kim Jun’s outstanding deep voice rapping. These three have made up the T-MAX group. It was borned and achieved after they have been trained for almost 3 years.

From the start of the process, their music and style have attracted japan’s eye, which resulted in a lot of japan workers’ participation, it seems that their later album creation was made in Japan itself. According to Japan’s local workers, the manager(BIZ INC) for the famous R&B singer Hirai Ken, Sowelu, Crystal Kay, who has a lot of fans from the America, after listening to T-MAX’s sample album, decided to participate in the album creation, and naturally join their procession, with the makers of  TVXQ  album [Heart mind and soul] japan, SONY Tokyo recording room’s function room responsible for ‘原刚’ and japan’s album engineer ‘武田’ as mixing record engineer for T-MAX’s album with more profound colourful personality.

Even though T-MAX is remarkable from it’s vogue music, but it is also a music that can be enjoyed by all age, as the team has a friendly image. This time’s album’s main song ‘Blooming’ have obviously been presented, like a cool breeze in summer swirling around us warmingly, together with light beat music and dance, it is prepared to touch the hearts of those couples who just started to fall in love. Advance melody that possessed soothing sound, the fascinating 3 person group’s vocals that made up T-MAX’s music will make people want to listen it more.

Translated by phzblue@livejournal

Shin Min Chul [신민철]
Date of birth: February 5, 1980
Height/weight: 178 cm / 63 kg
Bloodtype: O
School: Otorohanga College, New Zealand
Hobby: Taking weird pictures, Watching movies
Specialty: Making accessories, Reforming clothes, Surfing
History: +, <(별난 여자 별난 남자)>, <(크러시기어)> OST featurings+Featuring for

Park Yoon Hwa [박윤화]
Date of birth: January 31, 1985
Height/weight: 175 cm / 52 kg
Bloodtype: AB
School: Suwon University of Science
Hobby: Playing computer games, collecting accessories
Specialty: Computer programming, graphic design
History: +A contestant of , sponsored by Good Entertainment and M.Net

Kim Joon/Kim Hyung Joon [김형준]
Date of birth: February 3, 1984
height/weight: 183 cm / 65 kg
Bloodtype: O
School: Hangook University for foreigners, chemistry major
Hobby: Playing on-line games, basketball
Specialty: Snowboarding
History: +appearance on M.Net KKot Mi Nam Teuk Gong Dae [꽃미남 특공대] +appearance on MBC [PD수첩] +Co-starring as F4’s Song Woo Bin(송우빈) in 꽃보다 남자(Boys Over Flower), the korean version of Hana Yori Dango.

New members

Park Han Bi

Age: 20 years old (Korean Age)

School: Myeong JiJeonMoon University major in Theater

Drama: Birdie Buddy


Joo Chan Yang

History: Super Star K,  Participated in the chorus recording for hits by idols like 2PM, 2AM and TaeGoon

Random Facts;
+was an uhljjang
+is always hungry
+eats every 2 hours
+is always tired

+is different
+loves to be on camera
+talks a lot
+has a unique fashion sense
+has a finger puppet monkey named everererererere. (eh-ve-reh-reh-reh…..)
+first started leaving comments to t-max fans’ posts at the fan cafe
+likes to leave comments on other members’ journal entries, often threatening them and revealing secrets

+is surprisingly quiet off-camera
+bit shin yuhsa’s everererererere
+is at times even more.. different than minchul
+can be found leaving weird comments to his fans’ posts

+The first single
+The members have been training for at least two years
+Many know T-MAX as the group who filmed themselves dancing to Arashi’s “Love So Sweet” and gave it as a gift to their producer
+They’re not your typical, SJ, DBSK, SS501 pretty boys

BLOOMING (2007.06.13)
LION HEART (2007.11.30)
RUN TO YOU (2008.12.29)
T-Max Single Collection (2009.07.09)
LOVE PARADE (2009.09.03)

Credit: Soompi



  1. I love that Kim Joon replies to his fans comments… that’s so sweet of him.

    • What website do u hav to go to in order to talk to Kim jun and he replies bake..

    • yesss sweet sweet sweet………there are so many t-max fan like kim joon so weird……….

  2. heya,,im one of your million biggest fan,,im not expecting but im hoping that you will read this comment,kim joon, im a biggest fan of boys over flower as well as woo bin(its you) im wondering of getting some information bout you and if its ok being your friend also..im hopping for hitting me back… im jheca,from qatar..mwahh

  3. i love all of T.max members……….

    shin min chul is funny…. his voice is so beautifull !!!

    park yoon hwa is a cute guy…. and i like his cute voice too..

    kim hyung joon…. o…. i think, he is smart, cool, like a prince….. and so his voice is cool…..

    i can talk more ….. they are the best i love their songs !!!!!!!!!

    make more songs for us !!!!!!!!! T.max fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE them, hope they come to Indonesia, specially Malang. I don’t care when, I just want to see them, even I know that must be mission very very very Impossible.
    But, that’s the only thing I want from them.
    Will you???? please…?????

    • are u from indonesia? u born there?do u love them or very loveeeeeeeeeeeeee…….them?!!

  5. i love t-max song when i’m first hear it… it’s totally great song ever,…!!!!

    and they also have lovely hyun joon…. it’s make me love t-max more deeply…!! LOL

    cayoo t’max…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i love tmax !!
    i like thier song “fight the bad feeling ..(dance and allad version)

  7. i love the song of kim joon ..

    the >jun be ok< ?

    kim joon forever !!

  8. this is a cool website

  9. no offense but the very first time i heard their song which is ‘bad for the heart’, i thought it was sung by a girl…anyway, i was wrong and jun hwa’s little voice is quite good though..whatever it is, i love the song and starting to love you guys…go fighting!!!!

  10. hi, i already liked it, the first time i heard Fight the bad feeling, that’s why, i started searching for all their songs and MVs…. and even their pix. I love Min Chul’s powerful voice, Yun Hwa’s unique and soothing voice, and Kim Joon’s cool voice… what a perfect combination, not to mention their good looks and great talent in dancing. I sincerely wish and hope more albums and exposures to the three of you… Go T-max, fighting!!!

    • woww ! same like me you are !

      • me to,but dini why are you put holic at your last name??????

  11. ..i love you t-max!!

  12. Who created Paeadise song?
    Answer yes! The best I can! He He …….. ……….

  13. omg…
    i just love them!
    all of them have such marvelous voices!!!
    plus sexy too in a way=]….
    and yeah…
    i started to like T-MAx since i’ve heard fight the bad feeling!…
    it’s such a great song and so cacthy!…

  14. actually i more like kim joon than other…

    • u write the comment on 1 september,it is my birthday day u know,yipeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  15. t-max…
    i like u…
    hai… me metty….
    oya… when do you go to indonesia…

  16. hey great job,hope to see more of you guys in future.

  17. i love SHIN MIN CHUL^^

  18. my request for the t-max song for you is sing the song of neyo,,together..plzzzzzzz………….especially min chui,,,,

    ilove kim joon ,,,,yun hwa

  19. miss u so yun hwa !!

    btw, r there hot news about t max ?

    coming sharing !

  20. love u Kim Joon,,,,loe T-Max to….

  21. hi, I’m Detry

    I like TMAX, and all persons of TMAX…..

    I like your song, it’s fight bad the feeling.

    when you all come to INDONESIA? I very hope it……

    hi, Sunbae Kim Joon…
    hi, Sunbae Yun Hwa…
    and finally hi, Sunbae Min Chul…

    I hope you reply it!!!!!

    sorry,,, when I make you confused, because I not can to speak English!!! Mianhae, mianhae, mianhae!!!!

  22. holla T-max…….i’m herni from indonesia, when u guys come here..?? there’s a lot of t’max fans in here……hope u’ll be here soon…..^_^ i’m waiting guys….

  23. i love t-max

  24. love u all…..

  25. well . we r 1 fan of the T-max hir in the phil. hope dat they will come 2 see us in personal . hehehe ! Ü hope dat u will have a concert here in the phil. see yah T-max ! goodluck on your career . =)

  26. AnNyeONgHaSeO… ChoNuN iNdoNeSia SaRaMiYeYo!!!

    KiM hYuNg JuN…

    PaRk YuN hWa…

    sHiN MiN cHuL…


  27. KIM JUN!!!!!!!!!! SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. HeLLo..!!

    Yun Hwa ur so cute… ur my ultimate crush.. I wish u can come here in the Philippines…. Many of my friends love you…


  29. Hiiiiiiiii
    I lovvve you T-Max! I will always support you!
    please come to California in the the United States so you can hear me scream the loudest for you!!!
    Keep on being amazing! XD

  30. I love t-max!!
    one again Min Chul sooo handsome!!
    is Yoon Hwa a petboy?
    (please answer?)

  31. Hei……
    T Max………..Ilove you……

  32. . t-max .

    love t-max

    T-max i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ………..

  33. i love T-max!! specially kim joon…do you know what is there official blogsite??

  34. i love you

    saranghe!!!!!! kim jun!!!!!!!!!

  35. annyonghaseyo
    im dian from indonesia….

    i like you genre music is cool….

    and in indonesia your song is populer….

    i hope you come to indonesia and meet your fans in here….

    god bless you…
    and chayo…..chayo…..

  36. hi!!!!!!!!to all member of t-max group can iasked one of you if where ican find the lyrics of blooming i can’t find eh
    sarangheyeo band of t-max

  37. please come to indonesia , , ,
    im wait in here.
    ” T Max , , fighting ! ! ! “

  38. I love 박윤화!

    I want to go korea,soon.

  39. ….tmax…..
    i love u soooooo much.
    joon,thanks for meet me with tmax by bof.firstly,i wanna say..your acting,,ok!’or just a lie?hohoho ;p you must believe that…
    you just not a handsooommmmme boy,but you have a good voice! rap.sugoiii
    hyun hwa…ow my godness,your voice are soo beutiful.it’s so uniq,soft..sometimes like a woman.nice boy.
    mi chul,perfect.i dont kow what can i say..but,i just know that..your voice have a good range.standing for you.

    1.recycle (arashi-believe)
    2.come to indonesia

  40. joon,
    pleaseee come to indonesia!

    ..i will be waiting for YOU..

    sucsess with your carier.be the best.
    thanks tmax.

    mode on : happy happy

  41. park yun hwa is cool..
    go t-max!!

  42. everybody say!
    what can i do for you??

    joon,i like your habit.to reply the massage from your fans.
    like this

    • i love u

  43. Awwwws, yoonhwa oppa!!!
    He’s so cuteee!
    Im so glad tht they came to singapore.
    Really hope they will come once again.
    Aish, i nearly got th chance to take pictures w/ them!
    It was so close only! ):

    • yeaa! I also hope they’ll come to singapore again! I took picture with them! except Jun.. cause at night there were more ppl so i was lazy to squeeze thru. haha. but i took with minchul and yunhwa twice! haha

  44. They’re cuter in real life….^^
    Kim Joon, Yoon Hwa, Min Chul ^^

    Hope they can come to Singapore again ^^

  45. yeoboseyo . . .T MAX !!!
    im from indonesia.
    my name’s delanera victoria n.
    when us go to indonesia ?
    it’s in Bali ? ? ?
    i hope our come here.
    okay , , ,”T MAX , fighting !”
    VICtoria US POSSESION . . .

  46. hi!T-max…i really like your song especially blooming…

    the voice of yunhwa so cute…………

  47. please sub project t-max~
    thanx ^^

  48. joon~~
    just is it.

    Yunhwa,michul. ^^

  49. Annyonghaseo t-max,,hi assalamu’alaikum..
    I’m ni2nk from indonesia..i love ur voice so much..it’s a good composition voice..i like ur song(paradise,fight the bad feeling)..
    Ok t-max good luck..n i always wish you luck..thanks

  50. Annyonghaseo t-max,,
    I’m ni2nk from indonesia..i love ur voice so much..i like ur song(paradise,fight the bad feeling)..
    Ok t-max good luck..thanks

  51. dont come to indonesia!!!
    i’m not ready.
    when the million people will give their voice for you.
    and i just see you for a far part..
    nothing matters anymore

  52. me too im noyet ready to come here in philippines….

  53. ◘hey hmmm by the way it’s not hyun hwa it’s yoon hwa or ◘yun hwa ok….
    ◘i just only want to correct u… ok

    • you can spell his name either way. Yun Hwa or Yoon Hwa is fine

      • yes it’s ok kamsahamnida!!!

    ◘im catherine
    ◘according to yun hwa
    ◘if they have a extra time
    ◘they will visit the philippines
    ◘hmmm coz they are so busy right now
    ◘and i very very love too yun hwa…ehh…

  55. hi kim joon im one of your avid fan here in the philippines.your so hot than lee min ho! luv ya come here in the philippines ill be waiting for you.

  56. kim joon we love your role in BOF.your so cute like me. come here in the philippines and we will wait for you.saranghae.

  57. saranghae T-MAX i


  58. t-max..
    kim joon..
    u are soo hensem!!!
    i love u..
    a like ur acting in boys over flower..
    soo cool…
    soo brave..
    te amo kim joon..

  59. Hi..Guys,

    You’re songs was easy listening..Yun Hwa i loved your voices so much..its unique, make T max more lives ..

    How ever keep on sirit & always sing a good songs


  60. good luck T-max. God bless you
    saranghae!!!!! kim Joon 🙂

  61. heeya !
    saranghaeyo t-max !

    im one of your soopah doopah fan here in the philippines ! i play and play and play all over your soundtracks everyday(fight the bad feeling is best for me, especially the dance steps!) ! the best boyband ! hope you’ll visit our country and make a concert ! your Filipino fans will be surely happy !

    *yo ! hope you and your Boys Over Flowers power cast will come to visit Philippines. You have soo many fans here ! We’ll be grateful !

    *how’s evererere(rerererer) ? hhahahaa .

    * oh my gosh ! i like you ! you’re my crush ! i love your voice, i love your looks, i love your total package ! hope to see you here in the Philippines ! hope you can pass here by !


  62. [♥] PARK YUN HWA ! i’m ur biggest fan !!

  63. heeya ! ilove T-MAX singing ARASHi’S ‘LOVE SO SWEET’ i love the two boyband .

    Jun Matsumoto looks like the same as Park Yoon Hwa .

    even in attitudes !

    hha :)) LOVE THEM !

  64. i love them at all….. hope they always success in anything they do!!!! ^^
    when will i see them in indonesia? wish my dream come true someday…

  65. i luv u kim joon .

    please reply .

    i’m your big fan .

    i really luv u .

  66. T-MAX!!! I hope you can come to INDONESIA. Please, visit INDONESIA. Saranghamnida T-MAX!!! T-MAX ROCKS!

  67. SHIN MIN CHUL 사랑해 ❤

    PARK YUN HWA 생일 축하합니다~

  68. 생일축하합니다 박윤화 사랑합니다
    생일축하합니다 박윤화 사랑합니다

    Happy Birthday Park Yoon Hwa !

    I love You very much !

    more brthdays to come
    and success in your life ! 🙂

    I love You very much !
    I love You very much !
    I love You very much !
    I love You very much !

  69. i love kim joon!!!! so cool and cute!!!!! ^^,

  70. Wooo !!!! I realy5 love t-max …
    Min Chul oppa has such a good voice at all !!
    Park Yun hwa oppa ,, cute face !!
    Kim Joon oppa .. Song Woo Bin .. F4 .. Saranghae !!

  71. to T-max all of you are the best hope you come her in the phil. because im your number one fan.

    and belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you

    Min Chul
    Kim joon
    and love one yoon hwa…..hope you have a god b-day and alwys be take care of each other


  72. I love all the T-Max members.
    But i think i love especially Yoon Hwa.
    I love yoon hwa so much!
    Saranghae yoon hwa♥.
    SARANGHAE 1000000000000x

    =*yoon hwa lover*=

  73. I LOVE T-MAX you is the best….I LOVE very…veryy…veryy Park Yoon Hwa very…very…very…LOVE…..when us go to INDONESIA……and concert in Indonesia….I aishiteru YOU……LOVE T-MAX RIYA Indonesia……

  74. Annyong Haseyo!!!
    ottoshimnika *T-MAX*???

  75. i love t-max
    t-max is the best…..^^

  76. i love Joonie…so i love t-max,too!!!!! ><
    yups, still the best now and forever…. 🙂

  77. hi…T-MAX ………..I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU FULL……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  78. haaaa…ellop t-max…
    i’m realy like u allll….
    especially wo_0 b!n (kim joon)…
    haaaa…..go_0d luc aeeee….n_n

  79. for t-max ,,
    why you must add one member ??
    i like you all guys , but what can i do , you’ve just decide ,,
    and when t-max will get concert in Indonesia ??
    your fans here has been wait for along time ,, it’ll be great if you all come here ,,
    for kim joon ,, you’re the best ,, and i like you ,,
    for min chul and yun hwa ,, you’re the best too ,,
    keep climbing , and keep trying ..
    good luck for you all , and good luck for the new member ,,
    i hope you’re not changes your band’s name ,,
    hehe ,,

  80. anNYEong hASEYO …
    OPPA ..

    I Love T-max ..
    I really like YOU …
    Stiil the best and forever …
    I Hope you can INDONESIA ,,,
    Please ,,
    vISIt Indonesia ,….

    T-MAX Fighting ,,
    SAranghamnida ..
    yOBseEYOOO …

  81. hi…im from the Philippines…
    I came to love your songs all because of Boys Before Flowers,
    even I can’t understand the lyrics…
    I love the rythym and the soothing voices you have..
    keep it up!

  82. I totally love Kim Joon too~ Especially in boys over flowers(the korean drama)

  83. annyeong!!!!!!
    im marnell deleon
    im a big fan of t-max
    especialy kimjoon
    ilove him couz he’s cute,he have a nice voice,good dancer,i dont know but i know ilove him very much!!!!!!


  85. i love t-max too..specially yunwha…love him even more in makbanshi..(why does he have to go in the army now?)..

    t-max fighting

  86. saranghaeyo kim joon……

  87. Hi… Thanks for this Unofficial English blog of T-Max. This may sound a boring stupid question.. The T-Max Personal Webpage links you stated, are they really managed by T-Max members personally? I can’t understand the language. Please let me know. Thanks and have a good day….

  88. I LIKE U

  89. I love t max I listen to them all the time!
    They are amazing @ singing and dancing but I especially love Kim jun he is the best looking to me but I still like all the others

  90. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    so funny. I love it

  91. I LOVE YOU

  92. wow ang fwapo

  93. park yun hwa i like it. u is perfecto.
    kapan maen film drama kaya kim joon?????????

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